FAQs: Radon Mitigation Costs

We know finding out your home has high radon levels can be cause for concern. You want to have the problem fixed quickly, especially if you’re buying or selling a home. When evaluating radon mitigation contractors, it’s important you choose a highly rated company that employs trained professionals and uses approved, quality materials.

Other frequently asked questions about the cost of radon abatement:

How much does a radon mitigation system cost to install?

The cost of a radon system depends on a number of factors, including the layout and foundation of your house. The average radon system costs between $800 to $2000 — sometimes less, sometimes more, depending on the house.

What factors impact the cost of radon abatement?

When done right, radon mitigation systems are designed specifically for individual homes. The cost can vary: for new homes with passive piping in place, the cost may be less than average. Homes with a crawlspace, no gravel under the slab, or completely finished lower levels may cost more.

Quality parts and labor may cost a little more, but because radon poses a health risk, opting for poor-quality parts and second-rate labor is not a good gamble.

When comparing prices between competing radon companies, be sure to ask for a fixed quote. A radon mitigation company that does not ask specific questions about your home will not be able to provide a truly accurate quote.

How much does a radon system cost to run?

Once installed, radon mitigation system costs about as much as leaving a 75-watt bulb burning 24 hours a day on average. The cost to your power bill could be less than $100 per year.

Why are some radon companies cheaper?

To put it simply, some radon companies are unscrupulous. They hire cheap, inexperienced labor and use substandard parts. Many of them also cut corners to get the work done quickly, which can compromise the level of radon reduction in your home.

While this might look like it’s saving you money on the front end, we know from experience that it’s a bad idea in the long run. These companies may offer you a cheaper quote, but you will likely pay more by having the work redone or add onto it later.

Much of the work we do involves repairing the damage done by radon companies hired before us. Poor craftsmanship and a lack of attention to detail just means a bigger bill down the road — not to mention the potential health risks.

That’s why you should always do your research when choosing a contractor. Find a company that’s licensed, bonded, insured, experienced and top-rated — like Radon Abatement Services.

Can I use DIY radon mitigation to save money?

Neither the EPA nor any reputable radon mitigation company recommends trying to fix high radon levels by yourself.

Although sealing cracks and joints, sumps, and other slab openings can lower radon levels a little, that alone is generally not enough to get your radon levels below safety standards. Using a professional radon abatement service is the best way to get peace of mind and know you don’t have an unsafe concentration of hazardous radon gas in your home.

Learn more about getting rid of radon.

What should I know before getting a quote for radon mitigation?

Our highly trained, professional staff can provide you with a quote over the phone in most cases. It’s helpful if you have some information on your home before you call, such as:

  • How old is your home and how is it laid out?
  • Does the home have a basement or crawlspace?
  • Was your home built with any radon-resistant features or a passive radon system?

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