Choosing A Contractor

Choosing a Radon Mitigation Contractor

Whether you’re moving your family into a new home or you’re a motivated seller looking to pass inspection, high radon levels are something you want to get fixed ASAP. If your home has tested for high levels of radon, you need to know the radon company you choose will get the job done quickly and correctly — the first time.

Not all radon mitigation contractors provide the same level of guaranteed, high-quality abatement. Learn what to look for to ensure you don’t get burned by substandard remediation work.

What should you look for in a radon mitigation contractor?

It’s All in the Details

  • Attention to Specifics: Most home estimates can be handled over the phone. In the case of more complicated houses, we will arrange for an on-site consultation when the house is within a reasonable distance of our headquarters in Silver Spring, MD. In either case, we ask many questions about the details of the house so we know what needs to be done before we start.
  • Get it in Writing: When we’re done assessing the details of your home, we’ll provide you with a free written estimate.
  • The Right Tools for the Job: Some contractors use sub-standard equipment to cut corners and lower costs. At Radon Abatement Services, we use only approved, top-quality materials. We keep your costs down by doing the job right the first time.

No Bait-and-Switch: A One-Page Proposal and Warranty

  • We Guarantee Our Work. Not every radon mitigation company will honor their guarantees … but we do. When we install a radon system in your home, we guarantee its effectiveness for the life of the home. Our fans come with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Everything on One Page: At Radon Abatement Services, our estimate and warranty come on the same page. We detail the scope of the work with a fixed price and guaranteed results.
  • No Fine Print: Some unscrupulous contractors put hidden language in their warranty that leaves the customer with no guarantee at all. We keep things simple. No fine print, no hidden costs, no tricky language.

We’re No Fly-by-Night: Years of Practical Experience

  • Decades of Experience: Radon Abatement Services has been operating in Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia for 20 years. We perform radon mitigation on a thousand homes per year or more.
  • Experienced Team Leads: Expert radon mitigation takes hands-on experience — skills that can only be learned on the job. Many radon companies have high turnover, which means neither the company nor the customer gets the benefit of years of experience. Some of our team leaders have been with us for as long as 17 years.
  • Members of the Community: We care about our customers because they’re our community. Unlike big national chains that subcontract their labor, we operate like a family of professionals. Radon Abatement Services takes great pride in our superior service because we live and work in the neighborhoods we serve.

Award-Winning Service: Customers Rave About Our Results and Professionalism

  • Better Than We Left It: When some radon gas mitigation contractors get done installing a system, they leave behind a mess of debris. Not us. We’ll leave your home cleaner, tidier, and — most of all — safer.
  • Tens of Thousands of Homes: Radon Abatement Services has been installing radon mitigation systems in a thousand homes per year for 20 years. That’s tens of thousands of happy, satisfied customers. How do we know?
  • Literally Award-Winning: We’ve won the Angie’s List Super Service Award for ten years running. No other company in the region can say the same. It’s not easy, but we put in the work to make it happen.

Working With You: A Partner to Sellers and Realtors

  • Certified Retesting: Every home should be independently re-tested for radon after a mitigation contractor finishes. For real estate jobs, we coordinate with an independent professional to avoid conflict of interest. We work with realtors so these tests can be done while the house is vacant, often within 24 hours of the installation.
  • Decide for Yourself: If a customer or realtor wants to have the home retested with another professional, that’s fine with us!

We’re Certified

  • Trained and Tested: We were originally trained and tested by the EPA, and are certified by both NEHA and NSRB. These credentials are more than just a piece of paper. The state only loosely regulates radon mitigation, which makes it easier for predatory contractors to take advantage of unwary customers. That’s why it’s important to research and do business only with contractors who are certified, bonded and insured. That’s us.
  • Peace of Mind: Being a fully insured and bonded company means you can rest easy knowing you’ve chosen a quality contractor.
  • We Meet the Requirements: The radon mitigation requirements from the ASTM and AARST technical association are constantly being upgraded, and Radon Repair keeps up with all of them.

Radon Contractor Checklist

Many radon mitigation companies do subpar work that can leave you no better off, or even worse off, than when you started. You can’t afford to search for “radon contractors near me” and stop there. So how do you choose the best radon contractors for the job?

When searching for radon mitigation contractors, here are questions you should ask:

  • Do they offer free written estimates?
  • Are they licensed, bonded and insured?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have a strong reputation and overwhelmingly positive reviews in your area?
  • Do they understand the needs of home sellers and real estate agents?
  • Do they keep up with mitigation requirements set by ASTM and AARST?
  • Do they use the proper and required materials, such as schedule 40 PVC?
  • Do they offer a warranty? Is it transferable? How long does it last?
  • What testing or guarantee do they offer after installation?

Compare for yourself, and we think you’ll find Radon Abatement Services is the right choice for you. Ready to work with the best in the business? Contact us today for a free estimate.